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Our Beginning


Sore Dawgs was founded in a small town in coastal New Hampshire, by a family, chock full of competitive athletes, with over 35 years of experience in the footwear and insole industries. Years of high intensity sports, countless ‘top of the line’ products failing to deliver, and even more sports related injuries inspired the design behind our custom orthotic heel and arch support systems


Working with orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists, the Sore Dawgs insole line of products was created to meet the demands of active people seeking relief, support and comfort for their feet.


Sore Dawg insoles continue to be designed and manufactured in the US by a team of people who work and play just as hard as our customers. 

“Some years back when visiting an MIT trainer for foot problems , he suggested a particular running shoe and Sore Dawgs insoles.  They have been my best running buddy since that day.  Every new running shoe purchase I make now I replace the factory liners with Sore Dawgs.  They have certainly kept my "dawgs" from being sore.  They are the best liners I have ever used!"

Patricia Bibby, MA

As a healthcare provider, I am not only excited to be able to easily and affordably fit my patients with insoles of such great quality, but am also
thrilled to see the continued innovation, dedication and commitment of the Sore DAWG company to provide and advance the technology of
their products based upon sound theories of normal and abnormal function of the function of the foot and diagnostic research. 

Cheryl L. Maurer, RPT, Boston, MA 

I have a Morton's Neuroma in my right foot and Sore Dawgs have made me a runner again without the need for questionable surgery. Thank
you Sore Dawgs. 

Gary Aden,Sonoma Beach, CA 

"They definitely reduced the injury bug that too often strikes cross country runners but I also found them to help keep injured runners out on
the course. My athletes found them to be very comfortable and supportive and are still running in them now even though our season has
ended. I have yet to find an over the counter insole that does what these do."

Jim Boulanger, Fifteen Time Conference Champion College
Track Coach

"I have had a problem with Plantar Fasciitis in the past and the severe pain that it can inflict.  I have tried many different shoes in attempt to get the proper support needed to relieve/correct the condition.  I was very fortunate to discover Sore Dawgs.  I use the Achievers, and they work wonders in keeping my Plantar Fasciitis at bay.  I highly recommend these inserts to anyone needing the extra arch support they provide!"

Lorrie Shackford, NH

"Many patients I have seen need some degree of foot support, unfortunately until now the only legitimate option was a very expensive custom
made orthotics that many insurance companies do not cover. Often times these orthotics were so firm that the patient removed them after
several days and never wore them again. I was very excited when Pro-Formance Industries asked me to get involved with the design of these
footbeds and am pleased to say that we finally have a reasonably priced alternative that works." 

                    Dr. Gary Kish, MD. PLLC 

(Specializing in treatment of bone and joint problems including fractures, sports related injuries, arthritis, osteachandral defects, and complex
problems of the foot and ankle.)

I have been buying Sore Dawgs for my husband for almost 20 years. He was a hot dog vendor who stood on his feet all day long on the
hot pavement in his work boots, but he needed an extra something and Sore Dawgs was the perfect insert that provided the best relief.

Sore Dawgs are in work boots always and he sure can tell a difference when they're in. We recommend Sore Dawgs for tired, achy feet!

Colleen Cooke for Donnie Cooke, Charlotte, NC 

Nothing takes away the pain of sore feet and legs like Sore Dawgs. I have given them as gifts to about 10 cranky people who became happy
and life long believers in just a few hours. Dr's got hundreds of $$ from me for special inserts, hand made lifts and such that did nothing but
drain my pocket book. These work like nothing else they should be in every store on the planet. A Godsend. 

Larry Williams,St Croix, USV/ 

"I started using Sore Dawgs Competitor insoles in 2002.  I was horse show jumping and found my right arch was taking a beating every time I landed a jump.  All my weight was being absorbed in my arch.  Dr. Kish, who rebuilt my ankle in 1984 recommended Sore Dawgs.  Amazing Results!  I am no longer riding horses, but I still use them in every pair of athletic shoes I own.”  

Kaye Cross, NH

I just want to say that have purchased 6 pair of Sore Dawgs over the past several years. 

They have been the best investment I ever made. I am 68 years old 5 foot 11 in and 225 Ibs. 

I spend a lot of time on feet and play golf as well. Soredawgs have made a world of difference to me. I always had lower back discomfort but
not any more thanks to soredawgs. 

Ron Ryan, Peachtree City, Ga. 

"No other insole on the market addresses comfort, stability, moldability and shock absorption all in on. The fact that they customize to each
individual foot only helps in the performance of the insole." 

Craig Conway, Sporting Goods Footwear Manager, Concord, MA. 

I was referred to SORE DA\NGs by my brother in law. I have been an athlete all my life, so at 54, this horrible pain in my heels was very strange. I
suspect It was plantar fasciitis, and tried to so some stretches and such to relieve the pain. I even asked for help at the gym but nothing had
changed. I bought the SORE DAWGs and put them in my sneakers and within 2 weeks I didn't have any pain. It was an excellent feellng! l am 

pain free, and would highly recommend SORE DAWGS for anyone having foot pain or would be recovering from an injury. They are great!

Joanne St. Pierre, Stoneham, MA 

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